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If Your Dryer Is Heating, It Should Be Drying

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Dryer vent


Even perfectly installed dryer vents, eventually may clog. Ignored, the ramifications are severe — slow drying clothes, dryer damage from overheating, even a household fire. Prevention beats repair every time, so don't delay. Call Dryer Vent Solutions LLC today.

•  Add years to the life of your dryer

•  Increased air flow lets clothes dry faster

•  15 years of professional dryer vent cleaning

If you have these problems, we have your solution

•  Your dryer keeps overheating

•  Excessive sweat inside your dryer

•  Leaking outside the dryer vent pipe

•  Clothes dry slowly or require extra cycles

Schedule your dryer vent cleaning today. We return phone calls promptly and always do the job right.

LintAlert alarm

Make your home safer with a LintAlert® alarm

As effective as they are, you won't be performing a video inspection every week. But with our innovative LintAlert®, you can monitor your dryer exhaust system every day. The alarm lets you catch potential problems before they catch fire!